Aries riding on hoverboard in a plaza with robot dog, buildings in the background, and an airship flying above

A time-bending sci-fi adventure
Explore the open-world, futuristic city of Novantica and travel back in time to conduct research for school and investigate a mysterious event that has damaged critical systems across the city, collecting clues to uncover a nefarious plot.

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Embark on a new journey

Travel to Novantica City in the year 2124 to guide young college student Aries on an unforgettable journey and venture beyond the boundaries of time itself.

Protagonist running through train station
Protagonist pushing server in library Protagonist running past tram Protagonist running on beach

Explore a futuristic city

Navigate the open streets on foot, pedal through urban canyons on bike, glide on hovering trams and trains, and carve around crowds on hoverboard, discovering hidden treasures and uncovering clues to piece together a mystery.

Protagonist running on street
Protagonist entering arched doorway Protagonist talking to professor Protagonist riding hoverboard down the street

Investigate a mysterious event

In a city influenced by powerful AI systems, corrupt power brokers, and clandestine organizations, Aries is caught in the middle of a mysterious event that has sent shockwaves throughout vital infrastructure.

Protagonist running across bridge
Protagonist running on boardwalk with robot dog Protagonist running towards temple with buildings in the background Protagonist running towards crate on top of structure
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